De-Canonizing Music History

Advance Conference Note and Call For Papers

“De-Canonizing Music History”

International Symposium for
Histories of Popular Music, Jazz, and Folk Music
November 29–December 1, 2007

Sibelius Academy
Helsinki, Finland

Sibelius Academy proudly presents a call for papers for an international symposium dedicated to popular music, jazz, and folk music. Three departments of the Sibelius Academy will sponsor the event conjointly: the departments of Music Education, Jazz, and Folk Music.

The purpose of the symposium is to acknowledge and discuss the various ways in which traditional music history is challenged by emergent critical and cultural views, de-canonizing our conventional understandings of the musical past.

Within this extensive focus, the submissions may concern a wealth of subjects and methods. Thematic areas may include, but also reach beyond:

• Style/Genre history
• Philosophy/Theory of history
• Biography
• Jazz studies
• Historical study of musical instruments
• History of music technology
• Media history
• Music education
• Feminist and gender studies
• Interaction between Art, Folk and Popular Music
• Non-Western perspectives on music history

Keynote speakers:

Professor Roberta Lamb (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
Professor Derek Scott (University of Leeds, UK)
Professor Lewis Porter (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA)

Deadline for submission abstracts: August 31, 2007.  Abstracts no longer than 250 words, email to

Admission: Free of charge

Contact: Laura Pohjola, Department of Music Education, Sibelius Academy,
P.O. Box 86, FIN-00251 Helsinki, Finland

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