Dancecult: Journal of EDMC Crowdfunding Initiative

Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture
Crowdfunding Initiative
Perks Needed

Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture needs your help.

We’ll soon be launching a crowdfunding initiative to raise funds to enable the survival of the journal by covering the costs of crucial services like our ongoing server fees and OJS upgrading and support requirements. With this in mind, I ask authors, DJ/producers and other artists who are members of the wider research community to donate their scholarship and art for the cause. We could use recent books, music and other art as perks for pledgemakers. Doing so would be helping us out immeasurably and would also be a great way to promote your stuff. We would accept multiple materials – the more materials the more kudos to you.

Without support, our journal – open access, runs on volunteer efforts and the smell of an oily rag – faces insurmountable trouble ahead.

Please contact me if you have donations or ideas for perks for pledgemakers:

Graham St John
Executive Editor