Announcement of new Chair: Professor Samantha Bennett

Dear members,

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chair for IASPM. Professor Samantha Bennett from ANU was, at the time that the deadline came for nominations to close, the sole nominee for the position and has as such been appointed by the EC. Sam is a long-time member of IASPM and has been extensively involved in its running in various capacities, including as the organiser of the very successful conference in Canberra in 2019. Her experience and commitment to the association make her ideal for this position, and we welcome her warmly.

Yours truly,

The IASPM Executive Committee

Chris Anderton (treasurer)
Andrea Dankić (Member-at-large)
Ali C. Gedik (Member-at-large)
Beatriz Goubert (General Secretary)
Kimi Kärki (Web/Publications)
Keewoong Lee (Daegu Conference representative)
Andrew Mall (United States Conference representative)
Bernhard Steinbrecher (Membership secretary)
Catherine Strong (Member-at-large)