Spaces of Violence, Sites of Resistance: Music, Media and Performance

International Conference – June 3rd to June 6th 2010

The Interactive Media and Performance (IMP) Labs, along with the Department of Media Production and Studies, and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina are pleased to present a call for papers, panels, roundtables, and workshops on the theme of Spaces of Violence, Sites of Resistance: Music, Media and Performance, an international conference organized in collaboration with IASPM-Canada and the Canadian Society for Traditional Music (CSTM).

The conference organizers are aiming for a wide representation of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives that will provide multiple perspectives on and (re)evaluation of Spaces of Violence and Sites of Resistance as they relate to music, media, and performance.

Possible topics may include:

Spaces of Violence

  • Music and Geopolitics
  • Colonialism: the Loss and Alteration of Traditional Music Practices
  • Music as Torture, Music as Shield
  • Music and Racism
  • Music as Scapegoat
  • Music and Gender

Sites of Resistance

  • Protest, Tribute and Memorial Concerts
  • Re-Inventing Musical Traditions
  • Community Music Projects
  • Music as a Politics of Resistance
  • Storytelling and Identity
  • Gender, Race, and the Dancefloor

Music, Media, and Performance

  • Constructing National Identity
  • Music and Globalization/ Music and Transnationalism
  • Regional Music Scenes and Local Performance Practice
  • Representations of Music Cultures in the Media
  • Digital Music and Digital Performance
  • Mediating Popular Music/ Mediating Traditional Music
  • Policy Making and Funding Bodies for Music in Canada
  • Soundtracks: Gaming, Film, and Television
  • Music, Media, and New Genres

Considering the location of the conference and the diverse musics found in Canada, the conference organizers encourage proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, or workshops that focus on aspects of music specific to Canada, including regional music cultures and scenes of the North, the West Coast, the Prairie Provinces, Québec, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada.

Proposals for single papers, workshops, performances or other forms of presentation may be submitted. Abstracts for individual papers, roundtables, and workshops should be no longer than 300 words; proposals for panels should include an abstract of no more than 300 words for the panel as a whole, as well as abstracts of no more than 300 words for each paper proposed for the panel. It is possible that the program committee may accept a panel but reject an individual paper on that panel.

Each abstract should include a short biography (100 words) of the author (or each author if there are more than one) including the institutional affiliation if applicable and email address of each author. Each abstract should also include five keywords identifying the subject of the paper.

Please submit your abstract in French or English, depending on the language in which the paper will be presented by October 15, 2009 (for consideration for travel reimbursement) or November 15, 2009 (final deadline for all others) to

All proposals will be read blind and evaluated by the program committee.

The program committee consists of the following individuals:

  • Dr. Randal Rogers, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Regina (Program Chair)
  • Hélène Laurin, Ph.D. Candidate, Communication Studies, McGill University
  • Dr. Sherry Johnson, Cultural Studies, York University
  • Dr. David Brackett, Professor, Popular Music Studies/ Musicology, McGill University
  • Dr. Holly Everett, Assistant Professor, Folklore, Memorial University
  • Dr. Nicholas Greco, Communication and Media, Providence College and Seminary, Manitoba Gillian Turnbull, Ph.D. Candidate, Ethnomusicology, York University
  • Dr. Charity Marsh, Canada Research Chair in Interactive Media and Performance, University of Regina

Papers will be limited to a standard 20-minute length followed by 10 minutes of questions, whereas other presentations will be limited to 60 minutes. All participants must be members of either the Canadian Society for Traditional Music (CSTM) or IASPM-Canada. Membership information is available on the following websites:

For questions about the conference, contact conference chair Charity Marsh

Submission deadlines:
October 15, 2009 (for consideration for travel reimbursement)
November 15, 2009 (final deadline for all others)
Applicants will be notified of the program committee’s final decisions by December 15, 2009.

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