Call for a Copy Editor for New U2 Studies Journal‏

Open Position: Copy Editor

The editors of Achtung! The U2 Studies Journal are seeking volunteer staff members for its online publication debuting in May 2012 at

Ideal candidates are academics, journalists, professional writers, and independent scholars with a demonstrable record of research, presentation and/or publishing experience in the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, or a related field. It is assumed candidates have at least a general knowledge of U2’s extensive catalogue, history and cultural presence. All positions have the expectation of a two-year commitment with the possibility for renewal. Applicants must document a history of collaborative decision making; multitasking; attention to detail; exceptional grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling skills; working on a deadline; exceptional verbal and written communication skills; patience and a sense of humor. At minimum, a resume is sufficient documentation of qualifications, but an applicant may further elaborate on his or her experience in a cover letter.

We are currently searching for a candidate to be a copy editor. A copy editor will: implement and maintain a style sheet for the journal in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. Similarly, a copy editor will review submissions, fact check manuscripts, confirm accuracy of source material and publication data, work on potentially tight deadlines, and communicate effectively verbally and in writing with Editors and staff members.

Please contact us if you are interested: