This list provides links to IASPM publications, and to academic journals and magazines in a variety of disciplines. Many are not restricted solely to popular music. Of course, the approaches for research and reflection will be as different and diverse as music itself. Submissions for inclusion in this list are welcome. Please send an email to the IASPM webmaster

IASPM Publications

ISSN 2079-3871
IASPM@Journal is the Journal of the IASPM – International Association for the Study of Popular Music. As an international network, the journal aims at socializing research results both globally and locally. Thus, although English is the official idiom, articles may also be submitted in any official language of any of its branches.

RPM The Review of Popular Music
ISSN 1028-9968
Editor since July 9, 2003: Geoff Stahl
Humboldt University
Berlin, Germany
e-mail: Geoff Stahl

IASPM International Conference Proceedings

Popular Music in Practice (Montreal, 3–7 July 2003) → [5.8 MB]

Making Music, Making Meaning (Rome, 24–30 July 2005) → [36.4 MB]

Situating Popular Musics (Grahamstown, 27 June – 1 July 2011) → [11.7 MB]

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