Executive Committee

The IASPM Executive Committee for 2015-2017 is:

Chair: Goffredo Plastino (Italy/UK)
is Reader in Ethnomusicology at Newcastle University (UK). He is coeditor (with Franco Fabbri, University of Turin) of the Routledge Global Popular Music Series.

General Secretary: Sue Miller (UK)
is Senior Lecturer in Music at Anglia Ruskin University (UK). Personal website.

Membership Secretary: Jacopo Conti (Italy)
holds a PhD in musicology/popular music studies (University of Turin). He’s also a professional musician. He translated into Italian Philip Tagg’s books. Personal website.

Treasurer: Emília Barna (Hungary)
is Assistant Professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Sociology and Communication. She acquired her doctoral degree at the University of Liverpool Institute of Popular Music in 2011. She is founding member and current Chair of IASPM Hungary and editor of Zenei Hálózatok Folyóirat (Music Networks Journal).

Web/Publications: Ed Montano (Australia-New Zealand)
is Lecturer in Music Industry at RMIT University (Aus). He was Web/Publications Officer for 2011-2013 and 2013-2015, and Web/Publications Officer on the IASPM-ANZ EC between 2008 and 2011.

Member-at-large: Julio Mendívil (Germany)
is a Peruvian author, musician and ethnomusicologist living in Germany. He has published Todas las voces: artículos sobre música popular (Lima, 2001), Ein musikalisches Stück Heimat: ethnologische Beobachtungen zum deutschen Schlager (Bielefeld, 2008), and several articles about popular music in musicological and academic journals in Europe and Latin America. At present Julio is Chair of the Association for the Study of Popular Music (Latin American Branch), and director of the Center for World Music at the University of Hildesheim, in Germany.

Member-at-large: Ann Werner (Sweden)
is Assistant Professor in Gender Studies at Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden. She acquired her doctoral degree in Culture Studies at Linköping University in 2009. She has published widely on popular music, digital media and gender.