Executive Committee

The IASPM Executive Committee for 2017–2019 is:

Chair: Franco Fabbri (Italy)
Franco Fabbri, a musicologist and a musician, is one of the pioneers in popular music studies. He was amongst the founding members of IASPM, served as IASPM’s Chair twice, was a member of the association’s Executive Committee several times, was involved in the organization of five international conferences (Reggio Emilia 1983, Montreal 1985, Accra 1987, Roma 2005, Mexico City 2007), and was a founding member and Chair of IASPM’s Italian branch.

General Secretary: Sílvia Martínez (Spain)
Sílvia Martinez is currently a lecturer in ethnomusicology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Former Chair of IASPM’s Spanish branch (1997–2003), her published works cover subjects from heavy metal (Enganxats al heavy 1999) to Mediterranean music (“Seeking Connections Through a Sea” in Mediterranean Mosaic 2003), and singer-songwriter songs (“Judges, Guitars, Freedom & the Mainstream” in The Singer Songwriter in Europe 2016). She also published the volume on Spain from the Global Popular Music series by Routledge (Made in Spain: Studies in Popular Music 2013, co-author Hector Fouce).

Membership Secretary: Jacopo Conti (Italy)
Jacopo Conti, musicologist and musician, holds a PhD in musicology/popular music studies (University of Turin). He is adjunct professor of popular music at the University of Turin. He has published essays on music semiotics, music analysis, song analysis and relationships between musics. He has translated Philip Tagg’s books Everyday Tonality and Music’s Meanings into Italian. He was the membership secretary of IASPM International from 2015 to 2017, and was re-elected for 2017–2019.

Treasurer: Marta García Quiñones (Spain)
Marta García Quiñones (PhD University of Barcelona, 2016) has been a member of IASPM-España since 2004, and has been participating in IASPM international conferences since 2005. She investigates the transformations of music listening in contemporary society, particularly the presence of music in everyday life, and she has also done research on the intersection of scientific theories of audition and music aesthetics in modern history (her PhD topic). She co-edited with Anahid Kassabian and Elena Boschi the collection Ubiquitous Musics: The Everyday Sounds That We Don’t Always Notice (Ashgate 2013). She has contributed chapters to Sound as Popular Culture: A Research Companion (MIT Press 2016), edited by Jens Papenburg and Holger Schulze, and Making Music, Making Society, edited by Josep Martí and Sara Revilla (Cambridge Scholars’ Press forthcoming).

Web/Publications: Kimi Kärki (Finland)
Kimi Kärki works as a Research Fellow in Cultural History & International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC) at University of Turku, Finland. He wrote his PhD on the history of stadium rock spectacles in 2014. He holds an adjunct professorship (a title of Docent) in Cultural Heritage Studies at University of Turku. He was a Visiting Fellow at University of Liverpool Institute of Popular Music (IPM) in 2006, and Fulbright Visiting Fellow at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA) Center for Popular Music Studies in 2017. He is the current Secretary of European Popular Culture Association (EPCA). He has been in IASPM since 2001. He is also a practising guitar player and singer-songwriter in several recording and internationally touring bands. He has published mostly on arena rock history and design (Ashgate, Bloomsbury), and also on heavy metal, methods of audiovisual analysis, and future imagining in popular culture.

Member-at-large: Antti-Ville Kärjä (Finland)
Antti-Ville Kärjä, PhD, works currently as Academy Research Fellow at Music Archive Finland, Helsinki. He is in charge of the research project ‘Music, Multiculturality and Finland’ (2014–18). He holds an adjunct professorship (a title of docent) in popular music studies at the University of Helsinki, and is also Chair of the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology (an ICTM National Committee). His research interests include music and postcolonial theory, historiography of music, definitions of the popular and ethnomusicological filmmaking.

Member-at-large: Ann Werner (Sweden)
Ann Werner is an Associate Professor in Gender studies at Södertörn University in Stockholm. After finishing her PhD on teenage girls’ uses of music in 2009 at Linköping University, she has completed research on indigenous music in Sweden, streaming practices and the importance of gender and race for the consumption and production of popular music. Published widely in journals, anthologies and books, her latest co-authored book Streaming Music is out in 2017 on Routledge. Ann has been a member of IASPM’s EC since 2015 and has attended IASPM conferences since 2007.

Chair (2017-August 2018, resigned from the EC): Julio Mendívil (Germany).
Julio Mendívil is a Peruvian author, musician and ethnomusicologist living between Germany and Austria. He has published La agonía del condenado (León 1998), Todas las voces: artículos sobre música popular (Lima 2001), Ein musikalisches Stück Heimat: ethnologische Beobachtungen zum deutschen Schlager (Bielefeld 2008), Del juju al uauco (Quito 2009), En contra de la música (Buenos Aires 2016), and several articles in musicological and academic journals in Europe and Latin America. From 2008 until 2012 Julio was the leader of the ethnomusicological Department of the Institute for Musicology at the University of Cologne. Between 2012 and March 2016 he was the Chair of the Association for the Study of Popular Music Latin American Branch, and between 2013 and 2015 director of the Center for World Music at the University of Hildesheim. At the moment he is Full Professor for Ethnomusicology at the Goethe-University Frankfurt.