The Digital Nation: Copyright, Technology and Politics‏

New journal issue
IASPM@Journal Special Issue
The Digital Nation: Copyright, Technology and Politics

IASPM@Journal is pleased to announce the publication of a new special issue, Vol 3, No 1, 2013: The Digital Nation: Copyright, Technology and Politics

Special Issue Editors: Dr. Geoff Stahl and Dr. Shane Homan

Supporting Editorial Team:
Dr. Hillegonda C. Rietveld (Editor)
Dr. William Echard
Dr. Carlo Nardi
Dr. Rupert Till
Dr. Ed Montano

Reviews Editor: Penny Spirou

Assistant Editors: Dr. Elina T. Hytönen-Ng and Dr. Kwok W. Ng

Contributions by Geoff Stahl and Shane Homan; Simone Pereira Sá and Gabriela Oliveira Miranda; Martin J. Zeilinger; Brian Fauteux, Ian Dahlman and Andrew deWaard; Justin Morey; Ryan Thomas Skinner; and Ilkin Mehrabov offer a wide range of approaches and insights – from New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA, UK, Mali, Sweden and Turkey – to the politics of authorship and copyright in the contexts of digital music production and distribution practices. And if that is not enough, we’ve also included six reviews.

IASPM@Journal is the journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music.