International Sound Studies Organisation Launched‏

The European Sound Studies Organisation

On Friday 13 July 2012 the foundation of ESSA – the European Sound Studies Organisation – was announced. The committee behind the organisation consists of sound researchers from Germany, England, France, The Netherlands, and the Nordic countries.

The aim is to provide an international, interdisciplinary and interprofessional organization for promoting the study of sound by providing a forum for knowledge exchange, for conferences, for research encouragement and development of projects, and for information.

ESSA will host and mediate all kinds of understandings of sound and research into sound. Researchers doing artistic research of various kinds and researchers doing sound studies on the basis of traditional academic disciplines like, say, anthropology, musicology, and media studies are equally important to the development of ESSA as a research network.

We invite all scholars and artists, students, young researchers and experienced authors working with one or more dimensions of sound to join ESSA in order to provide the space to foster the international, interdisciplinary and institutional development of sound studies in the coming years: online as well as in conferences, summer schools, workshops and international research projects.

To join the ESSA, send a simple mail with (a) your digital & postal address, (b) your professional occupation, (c) your institutional affiliation, and (d) if freelance: your main area of expertise, to:

ESSA has come about as a consequence of the tremendous growth in sound studies in diverse research cultures all over Europe and worldwide. An interdisciplinary and international group of researchers – connected by various research networks, conferences and workshops in the Nordic countries, in Germany and all over Europe – has initiated this international organisation with the aim of bringing together sound researchers and sound artists of all kinds.

The founding members as of July 2012 are: Karin Bijsterveld (NL), Barry Blesser (US), Michael Bull (UK), Mark Butler (US), Marcel Cobussen (NL), Erik Granly Jensen (DK), Anahid Kassabian (UK/US), Jacob Kreutzfeld (DK), Tellef Kvifte (N), Charlotte Rørdam Larsen (DK), Ansa Lønstrup (DK), Morten Michelsen (DK), Holger Schulze (GER), Mark M. Smith (US), Jonathan Sterne (CAN/US), Ola Stockfelt (S), Jean-Paul Thibaud (FRA), David Toop (UK), Heikki Uimonen (FI), Simon Zagorski-Thomas (UK).

You will find more information about ESSA at