IASPM Journal: Special Issue on Popular Music Performance‏

Call for articles
IASPM@Journal: Special Issue on Popular Music Performance
Submission deadline: 1 March 2013

Music performance forms part of ongoing debate amongst IASPM members, leading to innovative research that addresses mediation and embodiment; spectacle and immersion; technology and music.

IASPM@Journal, the journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, wishes to provide a platform for these debates with a special issue on popular music performance for publication in 2013.

Drawing on the extensive contemporary and historical expertise of our cross-cultural membership, we invite papers that can offer comparative insights into the relationship between music performance, music technologies and ways of hearing.

Themes can include, but are not restricted to:
• Music performativity
• Contexts of performance
• Popular music performance as industry
• Techniques of listening, techniques of hearing
• Live music and improvisation
• Record production as performance
• Mediation and embodiment
• Spectacle and immersion
• Spaces of music performance
• Music video performance
• Public appearance and gesture
• Critical analysis of music performance
• Music performance research methodologies

Please do not hesitate to contact editor[at]iaspmjournal.net for editorial advice from Dr Hillegonda Rietveld and Dr Carlo Nardi regarding a particular idea for a contribution.

Deadline for submission: 1 March 2013

Depending on the language used, submissions are expected to be between 5000 to 8000 words in length, keeping the Word-document size to 2 MB.

English is the official idiom of IASPM but articles may also be submitted in the official language of any of its branches (adding an English abstract).

In order to submit to IASPM@Journal you must be an IASPM member and register as Author on the journal’s site.

Tip: Ensure you tick the box ‘Author’ in your online profile with IASPM@Journal, to enable document submission from your homepage in the journal’s site.

A complete version of the call for papers is available here.