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This is a call for proposals for articles to be published in a special double issue of Jazz Research Journal (JRJ) in 2015 devoted to Australian jazz. JRJ, one of the world’s leading scholarly jazz journals, is published by Equinox Press in London. The Guest Editor for this issue will be Bruce Johnson. Equinox plans to then publish the essays within twelve months as a book collection on Australian jazz, and as such it will be the first international academic anthology in the field.

The ‘Australian Jazz’ issue invites scholarly articles on all aspects of Australian jazz. It is intended that the issue will frame Australian jazz within a perspective of our cultural history, rather than simply chronicle events or present un-contextualised biographical sketches.

Suggested topics could include:
– The relationship between jazz and discourses of nation
– Jazz and Australian cultural history
– Jazz and gender/race/ethnicity in Australia
– Jazz and Australian political movements
– Regionalism in Australian jazz
– Internationalism and Australian jazz – for example the impact of Australian jazz musicians overseas
– Jazz in relation to Australian music
– Jazz within the Australian arts
– Jazz education in Australia
– Jazz and the Australian media
– The production and consumption of jazz in Australia
– Studies of particular bands, musicians, venues, festivals, placing them in a cultural/historical context

These are suggestions only and should not be taken to limit options. It is hoped that the issue will encompass the full range of Australian jazz history, so studies with a deeper historical perspective are of particular interest.

Deadline for proposals is December 2013. Proposals should be no more than a 300-word summary of the topic and the broad outline of the argument as anticipated at this time, with some indication of the sources to be used. Proposals will be assessed by members of an editorial subcommittee.

The proposal should be accompanied by full author details:
– Name
– Academic or other affiliation (which might include freelance scholar)
– Postal address
– Email address
– A one-page cv summary, and in addition a list, or one-page sample list, of publications

Please submit all proposals to Bruce Johnson as a simple email attachment:

Receipt of all proposals will be acknowledged by email, and decisions will follow when the selection committee has made its deliberations.

The deadline for final submissions of articles is December 2014 with the special issue scheduled for publication in May 2015. The final submission should not exceed 8,000 words and the format must be in accordance with the JRJ presentation guidelines.

Shorter essays might be considered, but all proposals should in the first instance be addressed to the editor. The author of each article will be responsible for any copyright obligations in respect of her/his submission. All final submissions will be double blind peer refereed.