Seeking a full-time faculty member at Ramapo College


At Ramapo College in northern New Jersey we are seeking a new full-time faculty member with a specialty in music business with possibly some experience in music production as well. We’ve had a music business program for a number of years, but this represents a commitment from the college supporting growth in this area. We are about 30 miles from New York City and have been able to place many students in internships there.

We are looking for a person with experience in the industry and in music itself, as well as a very clear and sophisticated understanding of the many changes, realignments, and opportunities within the industry particularly brought on by digital media. We are seeking good candidates—ideally with some teaching experience—who can help students to understand where we are in music now, and who will mentor them in developing their skills and creative potential for the world as it is, and as it is becoming.

Ramapo College is a progressive, multi-cultural institution with a lively and creative faculty and a music program long engaged with contemporary and global popular music, digital media, music production, and innovative performance.

Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in and qualified fornthis position, as well as other individuals or places where potential candidates might be found. The official job description and instructions for application can be found at

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