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Reviews by
Ales Opekar, Prague

Hudebni veda
Hudebni rozhledy
(Musical Outlooks)
Rock & Pop Harmonie
Slovenska hudba
(Slovak music)

Hudebni veda (Musicology)
ISSN 0018-7003

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1995, vol. XXXII, no. 2, pp. 158-181
Josef Kotek
"Lidovka a trampska pisen mezivalecneho obdobi"
(Lidovka‘ and tramp song in the 20‘s and 30‘s).

‚Lidovka‘ is a special kind of simple traditional popular song with folklore inspiration and vernacular features, but the general shape and feeling is similar to brass music and rhythms of traditional dances like polka and waltz. Tramp movement was typical for young people from big cities, escaping from the civilisation to the nature for weekends. Songs are strongly influences by American pop, country and swing songs and by the romanticism of western films. Summary in German.

1996, vol. XXXIII, no.1, pp. 51-65
Josef Kotek
"Povalecne snahy o obrodu zabavneho hudebniho divadla"
(Postwar Efforts for the Revival of Amusing Music Theatre).

The problem was to revive such a type of musical theatre like "Exempted Theatre" of Voskovec, Werich and Jezek in the 30‘s in changed conditions after the 2.world war. Summary in German.

1996, vol. XXXIII, no. 4, pp. 357-373
Josef Kotek
"Povalecna masova pisen a jeji dobove svedectvi"
(Post-war Mass Song and its Testimony).

Josef Kotek is a senior researcher of Institute of musicology. He deals mainly with the history of Czech popular music from 19.century to first half of 20.century. All his studies mentioned here are part of his prepared book "Dejiny ceske popularni hudby a zpevu" (history of Czech popular music and singing). So called mass song was typical for post-war enthusiasm for revival of society on the socialistic and communist basis. Summary in German.

1997, vol. XXXIV, no. 3, pp. 292-302
Jiri Sehnal
"Zidovske tanecni kapely na Morave"
(Jewish dance bands in Moravia).

Detailed scientific study on jewish dance bands in Moravia during 17th and 18th centuries. Author argues that Jewish bands influenced Christian bands and helped to spread the instrument cymbalon around the country. Jiri Sehnal is a musicologist, senior researcher, the director of "Moravske zemske museum" (Provincial Museum of Moravia)

Review in RPM#27/28 (Winter/Spring 1998/1999)

1998, vol. XXXV, No. 2, pp. 133-154
Leo Jehne
"K problematice ceske pevecke interpretace hudby jazzoveho okruhu"
(To the problem of jazz-oriented singing in Czech).

Leo Jehne is a vocal pedagogue and musicologist from Prague. His study deals with specific features of jazz, rock and pop singing in Czech language. The study includes articles on creating of tone, intonation, rhythm and phrasing, improvisation and relation between music and lyrics. Many graphs and music examples are included.

1998, vol. XXXV, No. 3, pp. 264-276
Helena Pavlicikova
"Uvod do problematiky folkove hudby"
(Introduction to problems of folk music).

Helena Pavlicikova is a student of musicology in Olomouc. Her study, based on graduation paper, opens the question of Czech folk music (i.e. song-writing under the influence of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Donovan as well as of domectic folk music). She defines the phenomenon, outlines the history of Czech folk music and discusses the relation between Czech folk music and social processes.

Hudebni rozhledy (Musical Outlooks)
ISSN 0018-6996

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, vol. 50, no. 1, pp. 25
Petar Zapletal
"Dolly Jitky Molavcove v Karline"
(Dolly by Jitka Molavcova).

Short analysis of contribution of female actor and singer Jitka Molavcova to the shape of current Czech version of musical ‚Hello Dolly‘.

Rock & Pop
ISSN 0862-7533

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1996 pp. 72-73 and 1997, pp. 64-65
Ales Opekar
"Bigbitove slapoty"
(Big Beat Footsteps)

Rock & Pop 1996 and 1997. The long-term serial about the Czech rock history, includes photos, lists of literature, recordings or films.

Review in RPM#27/28 (Winter/Spring 1998/1999)

1997 and 1998, No. 1-12, pp. 64-65:
Ales Opekar
"Bigbitove slapoty"
(Big Beat Footsteps)

The long-term historical serial about Czech rock groups continues. Every volume includes photos, lists of literature, recordings or films.

Harmonie (Harmony)
ISSN 1210-8081

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, no. 3, pp. 22-23
Lubomir Doruzka
"Panorama pameti"
(panorama of memory)

An extract from the forthcoming ‘book of memories’ of this Czech musicologist and journalist.

1997, No.6, P.26-27
Ivan Hartman:
"Neklid na kraji sveta"
(Unrest on the edge of the world).

1997, No.9, P.20-22
Jiri Plocek & Jan Sobotka
"Cajun music a zydeco"

Article about recordings of folk and country oriented music.

Review in RPM#27/28 (Winter/Spring 1998/1999)

1998, No. 1-10, pp. 30-32 (or 28-31, or 25-27)
Karel Papez
"Namluvy vazne hudby a jazzu"
(Courtship of classical music and jazz)

Essays on various aspects of relation between classical music of 20th century and jazz.

Slovenska hudba (Slovak music)
ISSN 1335-2458

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1996, Volume XXII, no. 1-2

Double issue of this academic periodical is devoted to Slovak electroacoustic (i.e. serious) music.

Review in RPM#27/28 (Winter/Spring 1998/1999)

1997, vol. XXIII, No. 3-4, pp. 259-269
Igor Wasserberger
O narodnych specifikach a univerzalnosti slovenskej popularnej hudby v reminiscencnom odstupe

(On specific national as well as universal features of Slovak popular music in retrospective view).

Igor Wasserberger is a senior Slovak researcher and lecturer dealing with the history of Slovak popular music. His study turn round to Slovak tango, folk czardas fox and Slovak jazz scene of the 50's and 60's.

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