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Reviews by
Ivy Man, Hong Kong

shi da zhong wen jin qu (Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs)

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

This publication supplements the Annual Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards which aims at stimulating and enhancing the standard of local popular music production. It is documenting since 1978 when The Radio Televisions Hong Kong (RTHK) first organised the award not only singers, but composers as well as lyricists of each awarded song listed for reference. Also local RTHK popular music activities are briefly reported. In some issues, interviews with pop stars or composers are published. Lyricists and DJ are invited to contribute articles. Other topics: the development of local popular music, the influence of Japanese and Taiwanese songs on Chinese popular music. In this anniversary issue an interview with the "God of Canto-pop", and the influential composer, Joseph Koo, is published. The most informative source of information on the local popular music scene, and a valuable resource for study.

jin ge jin qu (Hit Songs Gold Songs)

Review in RPM#25 (Winter1997/1998)

This publication is no longer published since the 1990s, but its archive contains a large amount of information on Canto-pop songs, their lyrics and basic cord structure in the 1970s and 1980s. The main feature of the journal was the presentation of the latest Chinese popular songs in Cheve system – a numerical melodic notation commonly used in Chinese regions, with lyric and cord structure included. For English songs, only lyrics are provided. It is well-known to most popular music fans because the transcriptions help readers to learn and sing the songs. Songs are listed according to the singers name. At the end of each issue, a few pages are usually devoted to the latest news on local poplar music.

(Music Colony bi-weekly)

Articles, news, interview and reviews of popular music in the States, England, Japan, China and Hong Kong by artists and music critics.

Review in RPM#27/28 (Spring/Sommer 1999)

1997, Vol. 63
This issue highlights the characteristics of local band sound.

1998, Vol. 102
This issue features the new experience of the Chinese new rock generation.


yin yue wu xian (HMV Music Guide)

The monthly music guide which contains photos and news on the latest music activities in Hong Kong, is recommended for doing research on popular music and cultural studies. The lists on top 20 Canto-pop and international pop portray local music preference.

Review in RPM#27/28 (Spring/Sommer 1999)

1996, November, pp. 4-5
(Andy Lau Music Talk). Reporting the new experience as a lyrisist and the musical taste of Andy Lau, one of the big four kings in Hong Kong popular muisc.

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