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Reviews by
Helmi Järviluoma, Tampere
& Antti-Ville, Kärjä, Helsinki

Nya Argus (The new Argus)
ISSN 0027-7126

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, vol. 90/6, pp. 112-116
Bo Petterson
Från ursprung till upplevelse.
Kontextuella perspektiv på text och musik.
(From origin to experience. Contextual perspectives on text and music).

Nya Argus, a Swedish-speaking art and cultural journal from Finland, has published a theme number in music. Bo Pettersons article deals with all musics, including classical, popular and entertainment. He tries to show how strongly our experience of text and music is based on the fact who is singing/playing and who is listening. This is an essay well worth reading, using as its bible Simon Friths Performing Rites (1996).

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