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Reviews by
Markus Heuger (mh),
Heinz-Peter Katlewski (hpk) & Marlies Lütkenhues (ml), Cologne

Beiträge zur Popularmusik-
Forum Musik-
Jahrbuch für Volkslied-
Kunstforum International medien praktisch Musik und Bildung Musik und Unterricht
Neue Gesellschaft/ Frankfurter Hefte Neue Zeitschrift für Musik Publizistik Rundfunk und Fernsehen Schüler Spex Sponsors Testcard

absatzwirtschaft (sales promotion)
ISSN 0001-3374

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, vol. 5, pp. 48-51
(No author given)
Efficient replenishment - react flexible to new situations on a daily basis.

The recording industry faces immense pressures because of price, actuality and declining consumption. Fast changes in taste and trends are part of the agenda and consumers expectations shift from need to consultancy more to the importance that they can purchase the CD immediately if they desire so. For that, improved logistics and co-operation between manufacturers and retailers within the industry become a critical necessity. A new database-system is discussed, containing the entire "lifecycle" of an artist, starting with the first demo. (ml)

Beiträge zur Popularmusiforschung (Contributions to Popular Music Studies)
Journal of ASPM – Arbeitskreis Studium Populärer Musik
ISSN 0943-9242

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1996, vol. 17
Regionale Stile und Volksmusikalische Traditionen
( Regional Styles and folkloristic traditions in popular music).

Contents: Sabine Giesbrecht-Schutte, Bismarck-Songs and Bismarck-Cult; "Project-Team V-Musik, Giessen", Folkloristic Music in TV; Heide Pfeiler: "Austro-pop"- The Evolution of a national Pop- /Rockmusic in Austria; Astrid Gonska: Die Bläck Fööss, Synthesis of Folk and Popmusic as mirror of social developments; Helmut Rösing, What is "Popular music"?(mh)

1996, vol. 18
Mainstream-Underground-Avantgarde. Rockmusik und Publikumsverhalten
(Rockmusic and audience behaviour).

Contents: Siegfried Gruber, The Independent-audiences; Ferdinand Mitterlehner, Let’s fly together - Mind-expansion and techno raves; Christoph Buß, From Boasting Blues to bragging Rap - A traditional and still current verbal Ritual in Afro-American Music; Christine Flender/ Markus Heuger, Beatology - Musicological approaches to the songs of the Beatles; Alenka Barber Kersovan, Pop goes Art - Art in to Pop;, Winfried Pape, Aspects on musical socialisation. (mh)

1997, vol. 19/20
Step Across The Border: Neue musikalische Trends, neue massenmediale Kontexte.
(New musical trends, new mass-medial contexts).

Contents: Thomas Münch, Media-deregulation and musical variety; Michael Christianen, The evolution of the independent music sector in the Netherlands[in English!]; Björn Teske, Music in interactive media; Wolfgang Hagen, Silence-techno - John Cage and the radio; Peter Niklas Wilson: Media technology and musical creativity. An ensemble of contradictions. Helmut Rösing, Digital Media and Music; Wolfgang Martin Stroh, Towards a psychoanalytical theory of Word Music; Heinz Steinert, Musical exoticism - The cultural industry and the appropriation of the Other; Hans-Peter Rodenberg, Dirty Dancing - Cult for the masses?; Ute Bechdolf, De- and Reconstruction of gender in music television; Winfried Pape/ Kai Thomsen, On problems with the analysis of video clips. (mh)

Review in RPM#27/28 (Winter/Spring 1998/1999)

1998, vol. 21/22
Populäre Musik, Politik und mehr ... - Ein Forschungsmedley.
(Popular Music, Politics and more - a research medley).

This issue contains a wide range of articles, dealing not only with the subjects mentioned in the title, but also with musical taste, the current Musicalmania in Germany, popular German 'Schlager' in the period of the German Democratic Republic, and even the dimming of guitar vibrations. Popular music is discussed as a secret educator taking in account the contradictions involved (Max Fuchs), as a medium of social distinction for its recipipients (Günter Jacob), as style within the framework of structural funcitionalist theory (Dirk Budde), as one special genre - Jazz - and its problematic political connotations (Ekkehard Jost), and as interpretation - black music vs. white listeners (Bernd Hoffmann). (hpk)

1998, vol. 23
NEUES zum Umgang mit Rock- und  Popmusik
(News about dealing with Rock and Popmusic).

The term NEUES (News) is misleading. Neither is diserted 'Nirvana' new, nor the reflection about exploiting music industry and exploited stars. Maybe Christoph Jacke's conclusion is in his essay on the US-Rockband Nirvana: To act subversive today operating the 'unknown to the media', stay or become unconspicious. Winfred Pape researches youth scenes and the different importance music has for its identity, Thomas Phleps examines artrocities in Frank Zappa's music, Kai Thomsen discribes the music industries view on the development of pop music preferences, Dietmar Schlumbohm deals with distribution of music in the internet, and Hans-Peter Reinecke asks "Who listens, who does not - and why (not)?" (hpk)

Forum Musikbibliothek (Forum Music Library)
ISSN 0177-6738

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

A Journal for music librarians. (mh)

1997, vol. 1, pp. 40-48
Wolfgang Lux
Spotlights on fragments

unsystematic report on the Pop-Underground including remarks to actual and possible target groups. (mh)

1997, vol. 2, pp. 109-116
Manfred Nagl
Oldies, Funk, House, Blues, and more

A listing of the library-relevant new editions in Popular Music. (mh)

Jahrbuch für Volksliedforschung (Yearbook for Folksong Studies)
ISSN 0075-2789

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1996, vol. XLI, pp. 11-32
Wolfgang Braungart
From the throat of the oldest little dear"

Kitsch and triviality, popular and elite culture, orality and written transmission, especially in connection with Herder and Goethe.(mh)

Kunstforum International (Forum Art International)

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

Articles and Interviews by and with Artists, Writers, Theorists, Art and book reviews (mh)

1996, vol. 134
Art & Pop & Crossover

1996, vol. 135
Cool Club Cultures

medien praktisch (media practicly)
ISSN 0171-3957

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

Articles, News and Reviews on all aspects of media education (mh)

1997, vol. 3, pp. 53-62
Elisabeth Hurth
The role of Jesus as a figure in current Rock & Pop

Musik und Bildung (Music and Education)
ISSN 0027-4747

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

Articles on practical music teaching, analyses, materials, teaching reports. Sections: Pop/Rock, Computer & Synthesiser, Workshop, detailed reviews (books/CDs), reports on conferences and research, news from associations, review of magazines. (mh)

1996, vol. 1, two examples
Jutta Blume
Rock ladies and pop divas:
Images of women and ideas of femininity in music videos.
Marianne Steffen-Witteck
"He's so fine"?
Popular music in female-oriented music instruction.

1997, vol. 3, two examples
Gunther Diehl
Jägermeister’s Paradise
or: What does it mean to "understand Rockmusic"
Friedrich Neumann
Oxygen for the musical world:
Music lessons with Jean Michelle Jarre’s Oxygene)

Musik und Unterricht (Music and Teaching)
ISSN 0937-9568; ISBN 3-617-19045

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

Articles and interviews on theory and practical issues of music teaching, analyses, materials, teaching reports, Detailed reviews of books and CDs. Example for articles. (mh)

1996, vol. 37, pp. 31-38
Ralf Meißner
Audible and visible Sound-Patterns. Listener’s scores for electronic Popmusic

1997, vol. 40, pp. 9-14
Peter Wicke
Charts in music industry

special issue on popular music

Neue Gesellschaft/ Frankfurter Hefte (New Society)
ISSN 0177-6738

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, vol. 11
special issue on music
Musik nur wenn sie laut ist (Loud music only).

Articles and essays on the Schubert memorial year (Christine Lemke-Matwey) , Punk and Rebellion (Barbara Hornberger), Techno (Markus Klein), Nazi-Rockers (Christine Wagner), German folkloristic music (Andreas Herkendell) etc..

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (New Journal for Music)
ISSN 0945-6945

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

Articles on "traditional music, New Music, jazz, improvisation music and non-European music, on dance and video art, photography and painting", interviews, articles by composers, analyses of works, reports on current events, Reviews of books and CDs, Calendar of cultural events. (mh)

1997, vol. 2
High and Low - Pop and ‘High’ Culture

Content: Ulf Poschardt, Welcome in the Real World; Konrad Boehmer, Above & Below; Peter Niklas Wilson, Popular and High culture - eleven miscellaneous aphorisms on a well-tread theme; Günther Jacob, Art that helps to win - The academicising of the POP-discourse; Roger Behrens, synthetic fiddles in Pop-heaven - art elements in entertainment music; Johannes Ullmaier, The ‚Einstürzende Neubauten‘ on their way from "E" to "U"; Christoph Wagner, admiration and scorn - the tale of woe of the harmonica, one of the world's most popular musical instruments.

ISSN 0033-4006

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, vol. 3, pp 164-180
Ralph Weiß/ Uwe Hasebrink
Radio Listener Types and their Everyday Media Life.
An Argument for a Listener-Centred Analysis of Media Use

Rundfunk und Fernsehen (Radio and TV)
ISSN 0035-9874

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, vol. 1, pp. 69-86
Klaus Neumann-Braun/ Michael Barth/ Axdel Schmidt
Art Gallery and Supermarket - Video clips and Music Television.
A research-oriented literature review

Schüler (Pupils)
ISSN 0949-2853; ISBN 3-617-39003-X

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, Schüler ’97.
Stars - Idole - Vorbilder
(Pupils '97. Stars - Idols - Models)

A High-School student reflects on the reasons why he used to be a fan of the Irish Kelly family, a journalist looks on the Britishness of the Britpop-Scene of Munich, a sociologist drafts a 20th century history of youth generations in Germany and their musically constructed identities, two critics explain how the industry creates Stars, and ask whether Stars need to be human beings in the era of "post-human cult figures", a sport sociologist outlines relations between physical exercises and current music cultures, etc.. Nine of 38 articles are directly concerned with popular music; many more include popular music phenomenon one way or another. (hpk)

ISSN 0178-6830

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

Is SPEX an academic journal? Of course not, you may say, otherwise one would find it in the musicological libraries. It’s just another music magazine, file under popular press. The strange thing is, that at least some SPEX-Authors apparently show much more interest in current international academic debates on music and culture than most of the so called "Popularmusikforschung" in Germany. Most recent example. (mh)

1997, vol. 6, pp. 58-60
Jan Engelmann
"Cultural Studies Update" - Interview with Simon Frith

ISSN 1432-8925

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

1997, vol. 7, pp. 10-13
Christina Repp
Rock & Pop, the new wonder for communication?

Every summer thousands of people pilgrim to open air festivals. As they may create new trends of lifestyle, corporate sponsors have discovered music sponsoring as a useful communication tool. (ml)

1997, vol. 8, pp. 28
(No author giving)
VW enlarges Rock & Pop sponsoring.

German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen continues to count on Rock & Pop to support its communication strategy. Through activities with Pink Floyd, Genesis, Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones Volkswagen has become no. 1 rock & pop sponsor within the music scene. In future the company plans financial support to unknown bands and artists as well as existing structures in music schools, universities and music initiatives. (ml)

No ISSN, only ISBN

Review in RPM#25 (Winter 1997/1998)

The new knights of pop-discourse seem to be the makers of Testcard. The historiomaniacs started their series of fancy paperbacks in 1995 (On "Pop +Destruction"): pop is POP, history is hip, footnotes are cool, Adorno is fun, (but who the devil is Richard Middleton)? (mh)

1996, vol. 2
(ISBN 3-931555-01-1)
Inland (Domestic).

Contents: Krautrock, Jazz in the GDR, Selektion, Ladomat 2000, Oval, DOM, A-Musik, Hausmusik, Indigo, Punk, Kelly Family, Music magazines and Fanzines, Woodstock in Germany 1913

1996, vol. 3
(ISBN 3-931555-02-X)

Contents: Art of Noise, Material dialectics and "Populärmusik", Le Syndicat, Zoviet* France, Dada, Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, Dub, Beginnings of electronic music, Apolitical Pop, Cage&Feldman, Avantgardistic Noise Music in Russia, Sound+Film etc. .

1997, vol. 4
(ISBN 3-931555-03-8)
Retrophänomene in den 90ern
(Retrophenomena in the 90ies)

Contents: Gimmie dat ole time religion, Pop Historiography, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Progressive Rock, Apocalyptic Folk, the role of sampling in HipHop, Anton Webern, Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra, Einstürzende Neubauten, Trans Am, Residents, Anthony Braxton, Cinema, youth and violence, Sexualisation of Nazism in cinema, Remarks on the "Mainstream of Minorities", Botho Strauss, Retro Food, Neoismus.

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