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Salsa, feeling and control.
Sociology of tropical music

Review in RPM#27/28 (Winter/Spring 1998/1999)Review in RPM#27/28 (Winter/Spring 1998/1999)

Quintero-Rivera, Angel G.
Salsa, sabor y control. Sociologia de la musica tropical.
ISBN: 968-23-2149-2

This book received the prestigious 'Premio Casa las Americas' award. It certainly is an important source on salsa music and other genres like danza, son and bolero. Quintero blends theoretical insights from sociology and musicology to analyse and historicise salsa and other tropical musics. He elaborates his arguments through an engagement with theories and debates about time, place, identity and aesthetic judgements. Salsa, sabor y contorl is an impressive and sophisticated piece of work that has taken Quintero-Rivera over 10 years to research.

Patria Roman
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London E17 9RQ
United Kingdom 

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