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Understanding Live Nation and its impact on live music in the UK
Matt Brennan

Last modified: 2013-01-22


Despite being less than a decade old, Live Nation has dramatically changed the power structure of the global music industry. Live Nation is the largest live entertainment company in the world, and more economically significant than any of the three major record companies apart from Universal. Its recent merger with Ticketmaster has led its critics to claim that now more than ever, its corporate agenda will have lasting destructive effects on the health of UK concert promotion. But with most of the company's key personnel, venues, and assets having operated interdependently for decades, what exactly has changed? This paper will discuss the impact Live Nation has made on the British live music sector, and illuminate some of the changes in the complicated ownership structures in the British live music sector. The paper will also shed new light on how some of the most senior personnel from Live Nation's UK division perceive their own company and its role in live music, based on interviews with Paul Latham (UK President and COO International Music), and Barry Dickins (International Talent Booking).

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