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General Papers

"Dare to be free": The Dixie Chicks' existential conversion doi: 10.5429/2225-0301.2009.22
Jim Le Blanc
The traitor and the stowaway: Persona construction and the quest for cultural anonymity and cultural relevance in the trajectories of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen doi: 10.5429/2225-0301.2009.23
Christophe Lebold
Globalisation movement in the Hong Kong music market from the 1980s doi: 10.5429/2225-0301.2009.24
Eve Leung
Poverty, prophets and politics: Marxist discourses in Malawi music, 1994-2008 doi: 10.5429/2225-0301.2009.25
John Lwanda
Computers, culture and music: The history of the recording industry in Malawi doi: 10.5429/2225-0301.2009.26
John Lwanda, Chipo Kanjo

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