ICTM 2013 Reminder‏

42nd World Conference of the International Council for Traditional Music
11-17 July 2013
Shanghai Conservatory of Music
Deadline for all abstract submissions: 7 September 2012

The conference themes are:
• Presentation and Representation in Minority Musics and Dance
• Rethinking, Reconstructing, and Reinventing Musical Pasts
• Ethnomusicology, Ethnochoreology, and Education
• Ritual, Religion, and the Performing Arts
• Screening Music and Dance
• New Research

Abstracts in all categories must be submitted through the conference website.

The website also contains full descriptions of the conference themes, guidelines for submissions, and information on Shanghai. Information on registration and accommodation will be added at a later date.

Perspectives on Musical Improvisation Reminder‏

Perspectives on Musical Improvisation
10-13 September 2012
University of Oxford

We have a small number of places still available at the conference, and so if you were interested in joining the event or had missed previous announcements, we would encourage you to book sooner rather than later. The conference brings together a rich set of perspectives on musical improvisation with papers approaching the subject from musicological, cognitive, psycho-social, philosophical, anthropological and pedagogical lenses representing a range of improvisatory genres. In addition to papers, there will be practical workshops and performances. Continue reading

2012 National Graduate Student Conference British Forum for Ethnomusicology

Music and Movement
2012 National Graduate Student Conference, British Forum for Ethnomusicology
12-14 September 2012
Institute for Music Research (IMR), London WC1

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Bull, University of Sussex

People and music are always moving. Whether across the dance floor, across town, or across borders, neither rests. Sometimes this movement is intentional, other times it is not. Musical movement may benefit some groups but be to the detriment of others. Music can mediate our experiences of movement and movement can mediate our experiences of music. Ultimately, the study of musical movement is the study of social relations. Continue reading

‘This is the Modern World’: For a Social History of Rock Music‏

Call for papers
‘This is the Modern World’: For a Social History of Rock Music
International Conference
University Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3 (Lille, France)
13-15 June 2013

In Anglo-American countries, the history of rock music has been institutionalized since the 1970s, notably in musicology and cultural studies departments. In France, on the contrary, it has been considered, until recently, as a rather minor subject, abandoned to journalists and amateurs. Continue reading

Fourteenth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association‏

Call for papers
Fourteenth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association
20-23 June 2013
Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Submission Deadline: 1 November 2012

Convention Coordinators:
Corey Anton (antonc@gvsu.edu) Grand Valley State University
Valerie V. Peterson (petersov@gvsu.edu) Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley is happy to host the Media Ecology Association’s Fourteenth Annual Convention in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 20-23 June 2013. Our aim is to provoke academic dialogue, raise public awareness of media ecology, and discuss the relevance of media ecological thought to the broader culture. The Fourteenth Annual Convention, with the theme of Media Ecology Unplugged, invites papers, panels, creative projects, and other proposals presenting research and/or exploring topics and ideas related to the convention theme. Continue reading

2013 IASPM-US Annual Conference

Call for papers
Liminality & Borderlands
2013 IASPM-US Annual Conference
Austin, Texas
28 February–3 March 2013

Crossover stars, vampires and zombies, gender-bending divas and divos, international sensations who truck cultural ideas across borders: popular music and culture are full of performers and characters who move through and effectively occupy zones of “in-betweenness”, carrying signifiers of more than one identity at a time while fully embodying none. In light of the many pop culture projects that inhabit these less-definite stations and/or spread across and blur boundaries, the 2013 IASPM-US Conference in Austin, TX, will explore the ideas of liminality & borderlands in popular music, focusing on those things (artists, genres, textures, developments, etc.) that are “neither” and “both” at the same time. Continue reading

IASPM-Canada 30th Annual Conference

Call for papers
Music And Labour
IASPM-Canada 30th Annual Conference
McMaster University
23-26 May 2013

From the earliest days of academic popular music studies, concepts of labour have been of paramount importance both for their intellectual richness and for their ability to link academic practices with broader patterns of social and political action. More recently, the increasing pace of globalization and digital networking have profoundly altered the nature of musical labour, making it crucial to think about how existing ideas may continue to be of use, how they may need to be changed, and what new concepts might be needed to address similar questions in these new contexts. In addition, the recent global economic downturn gives issues concerning music and labour a new urgency, impacting both production and consumption in myriad ways. Continue reading

New Zealand Musicological Society Conference 2012

New Zealand Musicological Society Conference
Voyages of Discovery
30 November-2 December 2012
The University of Auckland School of Music, New Zealand

Keynote speakers:
James Webster (Cornell University)
Patricia Sheehan Campbell (The University of Washington)

This conference seeks to investigate and promote the breaking of new ground within and between our fields of music study: musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music, jazz, music therapy and music education. ‘Voyages of Discovery’ relates here to intellectual travel; the charting of new territory within music disciplines; and interdisciplinary journeys.

For more information about the New Zealand Musicological Society, go to their webpage.

Thinking With Jazz Symposium

Thinking With Jazz Symposium
Lancaster University / Lancaster Jazz Festival‏
Friday 21 September 10am–5pm
LICA Building
Lancaster University

This is a one-day symposium in which well-known jazz journalists, practitioners, and academics engage with issues of nationalism in jazz, the cultural politics of jazz, and the meaning of improvisation. This free event is informal and open to the public. Speakers include Alyn Shipton (BBC Radio 3 and author of A New History of Jazz), Professor George McKay (author of Circular Breathing: the Cultural Politics of Jazz in Britain), Dr. Catherine Tackley (author of The Evolution of Jazz in Britain), Professor Alan Rice (author of Creating Memorials, Building Identities: The Politics of Memory in the Black Atlantic), and Professor Tony Whyton (author of Jazz Icons), Adam Fairhall (Imaginary Delta), Kathy Dyson (Emily Remembered), Christophe de Bezenac (Trio VD), Professor Walter van der Leur (author of Something to Live For: A Life Billy Strayhorn), Professor Tim Wall (author of Studying Popular Music Culture).

This event is co-presented by the Lancaster Jazz Festival, Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities, Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts

For further information contact Nick Gebhardt on n.gebhardt@lancaster.ac.uk