Live Music Exchange, Leeds

Live Music Exchange, Leeds: Interesting Times for Local Live Music
Venue Bar Meeting Room, Leeds College of Music, Leeds
Friday 4th – Saturday 5th May 2012

The focus of the event is the problems of local live music promotion in the current global economic crisis. Our conference runs in conjunction with the Live @ Leeds festival and the Unconference, therefore there is a particular focus on Leeds and surrounding areas. NB while a Live at Leeds ticket doesn’t get you into the Live Music Exchange, it does get you in to the Unconference, and vice versa. Continue reading

Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2

Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2
Noel McLaughlin, University of Northumbria and Martin McLoone, University of Ulster
Foreword by Dave Laing
Irish Academic Press

This book explores Irish rock’s relationship to the wider world of international popular music through detailed analysis of the island’s most prominent artists and bands such as U2, Van Morrison, Sinéad O’Connor, The Boomtown Rats and Horslips – and key musical movements including the Beat Scene, the Folk Revival, Northern Irish Punk and Dance Music in Ireland. Continue reading

Cultures of Popular Music Seminar Programme

Cultures of Popular Music Seminar Programme 2012, Brisbane
A series of fortnightly seminars supported by Griffith University’s Centre for Cultural Research

All sessions are free of charge and will take place between 6.30 – 8.00 pm. Venue will be the S07 2.19 in the Griffith Graduate Centre. Refreshments will be available. And we tend to go for a drink at the Ship Inn after the event, so it’s a good place to meet other people studying music in Brisbane.

A Facebook Group for the series can be found here:

If you’re on Facebook, please join and stay up to date. Continue reading

IASPM@Journal Vol 2/1&2

IASPM@Journal Vol 2/1&2
Published: 29 February, 2012
“State of the Nation: Review(s) of Popular Music Studies”
Special Issue Editor: Martha Tupinambá de Ulhôa

The second volume, State of the Nation: Review(s) of Popular Music Studies, specially edited by Martha Ulhôa during her Visiting Research Fellowship at King’s College, London, addresses the state of popular music studies in national and regional contexts, reflecting on the challenges in popular music studies. The contributions very much echo debates that took place at the South African IASPM 2011 conference, which was devoted to the “many ways of situating popular music in the light of IASPM celebrating its 30th year”. This issue, therefore, opens with an overview by Philip Tagg, co-founder of IASPM, kick-starting a critical argument that will hopefully inspire many of our member-readers to respond. Continue reading

A Special Relationship? Irish Popular Music in Britain

Call for papers
Northumbria University in conjunction with the Centre for Media Research at the University of Ulster
27-28 June 2012

Ireland and Britain share in large measure a common, if disputed, history. Ireland is, of course, a former colony of Britain, and Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom so that one of the conundrums of the Irish experience is that it is both post-colonial and neo-colonial; national and regional; periphery and centre. Irish popular music, therefore, displays a complex set of sometimes contradictory characteristics, and Irish artists and musicians work within and against such an intricate web of social, economic, political and cultural influences that their art and music raises dizzying questions about national identity. Continue reading

IASPM-ANZ 2012 Conference‏

Call for papers
Shifting Sounds: Musical Flow
IASPM-ANZ 2012 Conference‏
University of Tasmania, Hobart
5-7 December 2012

We are delighted to announce the call for papers for the 2012 annual conference of IASPM-ANZ. This year, the conference will be organized by Dr Michelle Phillipov, and held at the University of Tasmania. We are pleased to stage our annual event in Hobart in keeping with the rotating conference schedule of Australia and New Zealand locations. Continue reading

Seminar on Terror, Music and War Games‏

Goldsmiths Popular Music Research Units presents
An Altered State: Terror, Music and War Games – Oslo, 22 July 2011
Professor Stan Hawkins, Birgitte Sandve and Karl-Magnus Bjorøy, University of Oslo, Norway
Small Hall Cinema, Richard Hoggart Building
Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross SE14 6NW
Thursday 26 April 2.30pm

Prior to the bombing of the government quarter in Oslo and the massacre on the island of Utøya on 22 July 2011, a YouTube video was released by Anders Behring Breivik. He used this to present his detailed manifesto. Music contributed to the chilling message. This lecture considers the role of music in motivating the Norwegian terrorist, as part of a project on music and transculturalism in Norway. Continue reading

Doing Fieldwork in Nightlife Scenes and EDMCs

Call for submissions
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture
Doing Fieldwork in Nightlife Scenes and EDMCs
Guest editor: Luis-Manuel Garcia

This special edition of Dancecult seeks to address the fact that, although many EDM (Electronic Dance Music) projects have a significant ethnographic component, there are few methodological resources available to ethnographers of EDM scenes/cultures. Continue reading

Popular Music Studies in the Twenty-First Century‏

Call for submissions
IASPM Journal
November 2012
Popular Music Studies in the Twenty-First Century

It is thirty years since the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) was founded and the journal Popular Music was launched. Although much is different today in popular music studies, the field still faces a number of challenges, some of which have changed very little during the intervening period. Continue reading