Social Alternatives: Music, Politics and Environment

Call for articles
Special issue of Social Alternatives: Music, Politics and Environment
Edited by Tony Mitchell, University of Technology, Sydney

Music is increasingly playing a role in environmental activism, from rock, hip hop, folk, dance music and other forms of popular music through to jazz, classical music, experimental music and sonic arts and installations. How does one measure the ‘carbon footprint’ left by an opera production at the Sydney Opera House, a world tour by U2, the Big Day Out, the Livid Festival, or a gig at the local pub or an unlicensed venue? And how do environmental issues such as these affect the way music is produced and received? This issue of Social Alternatives invites papers that consider any genre of music in terms of political and environmental activism and ways in which music can relate to issues such as climate change, global warming and carbon emissions. Continue reading

Australian Jazz‏

Call for articles
Australian Jazz
Jazz Research Journal

This is a call for proposals for articles to be published in a special double issue of Jazz Research Journal (JRJ) in 2015 devoted to Australian jazz. JRJ, one of the world’s leading scholarly jazz journals, is published by Equinox Press in London. The Guest Editor for this issue will be Bruce Johnson. Equinox plans to then publish the essays within twelve months as a book collection on Australian jazz, and as such it will be the first international academic anthology in the field. Continue reading

Piracy and Social Change

Call for articles
Piracy and Social Change
Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture
Co-editors: Patrick Burkart and Jonas Andersson Schwarz

The editors of Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture invite submissions for a special issue on the topic of piracy and social change.

Scholarship on piracy and pirates is itself changing, partly in recognition of the fact that “pirate” culture and everyday culture increasingly mix in popular communication. Piracy reflects social changes that transgress legally proscribed orders, while the “piracy” label itself is often used to shore up support for entrenched political and economic interests. For this special issue, we solicit contributions that take a novel and inquisitive approach to piracy and popular communication, while also mapping the current state of the field. Contributors can focus on one or more communicative aspects of piracy, such as pirate cultures, practices, politics, aesthetics, ethics, law and policy, and modernities. Continue reading

Musics of the Non-Anglo Communities in the USA in the 21st Century

Call for articles
The Musics of the Non-Anglo Communities in the USA in the 21st Century: Technology, Economy, Identity
Deadline for proposals: 30 September 2013

The forthcoming special issue of the on-line journal InMedia will be devoted to the musics of the non-Anglo communities in the USA in the 21st century, focusing on identity, technological, and economic issues. Continue reading

On Sound

Call for articles
The Velvet Light Trap
Issue #74: On Sound (New Directions in Sound Studies)
Submission Deadline: 1 August 2013

The medium of sound, long placed in a secondary position to the visual within media studies, has experienced a considerable increase in scholarly attention over the past three decades, to the point that “sound studies” is now a distinct field of scholarship. Within media studies, sound-related research today expands well beyond the film and television score or soundtrack to include a broad range of scholarship on radio and popular music. And while sound studies still tends to cohere around media studies departments, an increasing amount of sound media research is interdisciplinary in nature. A “sonic turn” is under way across the humanities and social sciences with sound studies work coming out of philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, science and technology studies, cultural geography, American studies, art history, and cultural studies. Recent issues of differences (2011) and American Quarterly (2011) and anthologies like The Sound Studies Reader (Jonathan Sterne, 2012) are just a few examples of this expanding range of interest. Continue reading

Sound, Environment and Action

Call for articles
Special Issue of Music and Politics
“Sound, Environment and Action”
Deadline: 1 November 2013

The Spring 2014 issue of Music & Politics (7/2) will be dedicated to exploring the intersections of music, culture and the environment as it pertains to politically charged topics. This issue aims to build knowledge around the “politics” of musical works, communities, and practices that share a correlation (consciously or unconsciously) to broader environmental themes. Bringing the topic of “politics” into conversation with “music” and “environment” not only opens up myriad discursive routes, but also raises a multitude of questions regarding the communication of ideas concerning the natural world through sound. For example, what role(s) does music play in environmental activism? In what ways do artists respond to environmental crises? How is the creation of music (from instrument building to performance) tethered to environmental policy? Continue reading

State of the Music Industry

Call for articles
The State of the Music Industry

The next issue of the journal Civilisations, published by the Department of Languages and Civilisations, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, will be dedicated to the music industry. It is a familiar story that the music industry is in a state of turmoil. This issue will look at past, current and future trends in the industry. In line with the journal’s interdisciplinary emphasis, the Editorial Committee is seeking contributions from the disciplines of history, economics, law, sociology, and from the larger field of human social sciences. Continue reading

Production Technologies and Studio Practice in EDMC‏

Call for articles
Production Technologies and Studio Practice in EDMC‏
Special edition of Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture
Guest Editors: Simon Zagorski-Thomas and Ed Montano

This special edition of Dancecult seeks to address the paucity of academic literature on production practices and technologies in electronic dance music (EDM). While the scenes, audiences and cultures of EDM have received thorough analysis in academia, the practices that underpin the production of this music remain curiously underexplored. Continue reading

Journal of World Popular Music‏

Call for articles
Journal of World Popular Music
Editor: Simone Krüger

We are pleased to announce a call for submission of articles for the new Journal of World Popular Music (first issue to be published in June 2014). Articles may focus on the study of world popular music in all its forms and from a variety of academic and other perspectives, including any local popularized musics of the world, commercially available music of non-Western origin, musics of ethnic minorities, and contemporary fusions or collaborations with local ‘traditional’ or ‘roots’ musics with Western pop and rock musics. Continue reading

Brazilian Journal of Song Studies #4

Call for articles
Brazilian Journal of Song Studies #4
Deadline: 30 April 2013

We are currently receiving papers for the fourth issue of RBEC – Brazilian Journal of Song Studies, due to be online in the second semester of 2013. We welcome works that deal with popular music (Brazilian, Anglo-American, Hispanic, etc.) under any analytical approaches, be they musicological, literary, historical, sociological, philosophical… Guidelines for submissions are available on the journal’s website.

The deadline is 30 April 2013, and papers should be sent to We kindly remind authors that articles which do not conform to the journal’s guidelines will be rejected, and also that they are fully responsible for the textual/grammatical accuracy of their texts.