Out of the Absurdity of Life

New book
Out of the Absurdity of Life – Globale Musik
Thomas Burkhalter and Theresa Beyer


The first book of norient (network for local and global sounds and media culture – www.norient.com), edited by Thomas Burkhalter and Theresa Beyer, discusses contemporary movements and trends within globalised music scenes in Europe, Africa, Latin-America, Asia and the US. In Out of the Absurdity of Life – Globale Musik, journalists, scientists, artists and photographers question protest and provocation within the USA, Ghana and England. They dive into the shrill party worlds of São Paulo, trace the reinvention of Syrian synthesizer-pop and discuss the provocation potential of Latin-American copulation dance-moves. Journalistic and scientific, part of the book is in German, part in English. Continue reading


New publication
Popular Music and Countercultures

The first issue of the French edition of “Popular Music and Countercultures” is now out and online. Table of contents (with texts by Sheila Whiteley, Andy Bennett, Simon Warner, Giovanni Vacca, etc.): http://www.cairn.info/revue-volume-2012-1.htm

To purchase/subscribe from beyond France: http://volume.revues.org/1643

An English version of this issue will be published, with new papers, in 2013 by Ashgate.

Journal on the Art of Record Production: Publication of Issue 7‏

Journal on the Art of Record Production
Publication of Issue 7‏: Technology, Time and Place

We are pleased to announce the online publication of Issue 7: Technology, Time and Place

The issue opens with Dr. Mark Katz and Dr. Samantha Bennett’s editorial and includes: 10 articles; Ken Scott, Kevin Doyle and Dave Fisher interviews; a review of Allan Moore’s new book Song Means: Analysing and Interpreting Popular Recorded Song; and a review of Ken Scott’s EpiK DrumS – A Ken Scott Collection.

Read more at www.arpjournal.com


Call for papers and new publications

Volume! and the Editions Mélanie Seteun are pleased to announce the following events:

I. Publications:
Sheila Whiteley (ed.) “Popular Music and Countercultures” issues of Volume! will be out in November and February.

An English version edited by Sheila Whiteley and Jedediah Sklower will be published in 2013 by Ashgate, with an introduction by Andy Bennett. More information soon.

Stéphane Dorin (ed.), Sound Factory. Music and Industrialization with texts from Jeremy Deller, Patrick Mignon, Simon Frith, Gérôme Guibert, David Hesmondhalgh, Philippe Bouquillion. More information.

II. Call for papers:

“Changing the Tune: Popular Music & Politics in the 21st Century From the Fall of Communism to the Arab Spring”

International Conference – Strasbourg University, France – 7-8 June 2013 Continue reading

Chinese Rock Music Scene

Author talk
Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll
Jonathan Campbell
Asia Bookroom, Canberra, Australia 6pm Tuesday 23 October

Rebellious, individualistic, and explosive, rock and roll seems incongruent with modern Chinese society. Beginning from 1986, the music has evolved from a Western import into something uniquely Chinese, reshaped by the nation’s unique system and its relationship with the outside world. After a decade-long immersion in the Chinese rock and roll (yaogun) scene as a performer, writer, manager, promoter and more, Jonathan Campbell wrote Red Rock – The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll as an attempt to give a comprehensive overview of the Chinese rock identity. What has yaogun taught him, and what can it teach the world – about China, and about rock and roll? Author Jonathan Campbell will look back on his China time as well as shed light on yaogun’s path and its future. Continue reading

Brazilian Journal E-Compós

Brazilian Journal E-Compós
New issue on popular music‏

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new issue of the Brazilian E-Compós journal, entirely devoted to popular music, with articles in English, Portuguese and Spanish. E-Compós is a journal of the Brazilian National Association of Post-Graduate Programs in Communication and the publication of this edition consolidates the field of popular music studies in this area.

The journal can be accessed at www.e-compos.org.br; please choose the English version under “IDIOMA”, field located on the right column of the page.